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Features of SPECedit

SPECedit is a word processing editor designed exclusively for construction specifications.  It allows designers to quickly reduce master specifications created in any in any Word format into a single project specification file with a minimum of effort.

SPECedit is built upon the technology of NMS-Edit.  NMS-Edit has been available for the Windows family of computers since 1983.  Architects, engineers, specification writers, building owners and government agencies across the country use and recommend NMS-Edit for construction specifications.

SPECedit connects to 3D CAD models using Model Probe™.  Check here for a description of Model Probe.  Model Probe ensures your specification matches the properties in your model, saving you the potential of costly change orders if the design is misinterpreted.

By taking advantage of the graphical user interface of Windows and integrating project management features, this new version, called SPECedit is easier to use than ever before.

SPECedit is designed to be simple enough that architects, engineers and specification writers can use it, reducing the amount of proof reading and extra checking needed.  It has tools and features that make specification writing a dream:

Editing Features of SPECedit

  • 6-Digit MasterFormat 2004 numbering
  • Microsoft Word Import and Export
  • Cut and paste between documents
  • Quick cleanup of Spec Notes and Option fields
  • Automatic paragraph renumbering
  • Protection of master files
  • User created master files

Project Control Features of SPECedit

SPECedit is more than just a specialized word processor.  It includes full project control including:
  • Automatic project creation
  • Single project file
  • Automatic list of contents
  • Report of Standards used in the project
  • Report of out-of-date standards in the project
  • Cross-Reference of related sections
  • Headers changed automatically
  • Font and format changes across the entire project
  • Multiple files open at once
  • Hypertext based Help system
SPECedit is the solution to your spec writing problems, rather than editing with Microsoft Word. 

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