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Updates for the NMS and the
SPECedit editor with Model Probe

This page is dedicated to support the NMS/DDN and SPECedit from Innovative Technology. You will find current and previous updates to the software. Please read the descriptions before downloading the files.

If you have support questions, e-mail us at and we will reply promptly.

Download SPECedit and the Full 2017 CD

Download the SPECedit and the Full 2017 CD (file NMS2017SE.exe) into a temporary directory.  Then run the program to start the installer.

NMS/DDN Changes

The April, 2017 NMS update contains 44 new and updated sections.  These sections are divided across divisions 1 (General Requirements) through 9 (Finishes).  Please consult the list of contents for more information.

The January, 2017 NMS update contains 27 updated sections.  These sections are contained in division 2 (Existing Conditions), division 3 (Concrete), heritage work in division 4 (Masonry), and various sections in division 7 (Thermal and Moisture Protection) and 8 (Openings).

To see what NMS files have changed, download the latest List of Contents.

SPECedit Specification Editor

This is the first release of the SPECedit specification editing system, which connects to BIM models from Revit and ARCHICAD by means of the Model Probe tool. SPECedit is based on the popular NMS-Edit specification editor. The Model Probe plug-in is available at an additional cost, please see here, or as a standalone tool described here.

Updates to the specification editor this year will include further enhancements to tables, footers, printing and stability work.  Owners of the 2017 version of NMS-Edit may download the basic SPECedit tool as a free upgrade.

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